Considering Jose Aldo has won 16 straight fights and is the UFC’s #ranked pound-for-pound fighter, chances are not too many people are betting the farm that Ricardo Lamas will end his reign on February 1st. In fact, depending on who you talk to, you might have trouble finding someone who believes Aldo will be severely tested by “The Bully.” Not surprisingly, however, Lamas doesn’t seem too concerned about what other people think heading into the biggest fight of his life.

While talking to BJ recently, here is some of what Lamas had to say about his underdog status and what he needs to do to take home the belt.

“He doesn’t have too many holes in his game, you know, he’s the champ for a reason, he doesn’t make very many mistakes. But I think the thing that everyone has to realize is that Jose Aldo is human just like everybody else. You know he’s going to make mistakes in there. I think the guys that have fought him lost the fight before, you know, even stepping into the octagon, mentally. And I’ve also seen, kind of, Jose Aldo in the latter rounds kind of coast through the fight and do just enough to win the round and to win the fight. And you know against me, I’m not going to let him do that, I’m going to have to put pressure on him the whole, all five rounds and just make it a dirty ugly fight man, just a dog fight”.

“In my head, its 100 percent, you know. I’d never take a fight that I don’t think I could win and I don’t think there’s any fight out there that I don’t think I could win. So, I’ve been the underdog in a lot of fights, and it doesn’t bother me at all.”

Although Lamas won’t have fought in over a year by the time he battles Aldo, he’s certainly impressed as of late and is on a four fight win streak. The 31 year-old may not have striking skills comparable to Aldo’s , but he’s definitely a well rounded fighter with an extremely dangerous top game. Just ask Erik Koch or Cub Swanson. In other words, it should be an interesting and competitive fight.

UFC 169 will also feature bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz taking on Renan Barao and will go down in Newark, New Jersey. Stay tuned to Caged for all your UFC news and coverage.