Has the UFC officially offered Cris Cyborg (a.k.a., Justino) a fight against their champ, Ronda Rousey? According to longtime manager Tito Ortiz, they have!

As per an interview on AXS-TV last night:

“I’ve heard from Cris [Justino] actually that the fight that’s supposed to be happening at the Cowboy’s arena… they offered the fight to Cris. I know her management said yes and I’ve told her, ‘Let’s do it.’ So I guess the ball’s all in Ronda [Rousey]’s corner and Ronda wants to do it. Dana said if Cris came down to 135 they’ll make the fight happen, so let’s see if Ronda accepts the fight.”

It’s safe to say that, given Rousey’s insane level of popularity and penetration into mainstream pop-culture, this would be a gigantic fight. And if it were on the same card as the other “big” fight the UFC has in the pipeline – Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo – this could very well be the biggest UFC of all time (currently, UFC 100 holds that honor).