If you caught the last episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Rousey vs. Tate, you saw the confrontation between Ronda Rousey’s coach and Miesha Tate’s guest coach Dennis Hallman. Shortly after, it would be Rousey in the face of Hallman. After the airing, Hallman would call Rousey “mentally unstable,” not long after Cristiane “Cyborg” had shared the same sentiment. Now Hallman has given another story that he says he witnessed behind the scenes with Rousey lashing out at a TUF producer over late paychecks owed to the coaching staff.

“The Ultimate Fighter was having problems with the checks for the assistant coaches, like the money coming in for them” said Hallman. “It was like a couple of weeks behind, and Ronda came to complain to Jamie Campione, who is the producer. She came and said, ‘Hey Jamie, I’m really pissed off I brought some of the best coaches in the world here to this show, and they’re supposed to get paid. Here’s three weeks later, and they haven’t been paid.”

“That’s a legit argument, and Jamie from the UFC, very respectful, and she said, ‘Oh my gosh, Ronda. I’m so sorry; it will be taken care of very soon.’ Before she could finish her sentence, Ronda interrupted her and said, ‘You shut your mouth when I’m talking to you. You don’t open your mouth. When I speak to you, you sit there and listen and shut your mouth.’ She said that to the producer.” – MMACorner

Hallman goes on to diagnose Rousey’s temper. Dr. Hallman suggests that Rousey is either extremely immature or mentally ill.

“I do think that Ronda has some sort of mental health issue,” said Hallman. “It’s either that or she’s severely immature. She acts like a 14-year-old boy trapped in a woman’s body, always trying to make everybody think that she’s tough when really she’s not sure of herself.”

Whether it is the judgement of a biased party or the truth, we may never know. Problem is, truth is perception and some are already perceiving Rousey as a drama-queen, as she’s already been involved in a few dramatic confrontations in the short run of the show.