Okay, so a day after it was reported that Alexander Gustafsson had decided to remain in Sweden for his future training camps, and that his training days at Alliance MMA were done, comes word that may not be the case…

According to the Swedish outlet Kimura.se, Gustafsson’s head coach Andreas Michael has said that some of the fighter’s statements were taken out of context. The initial report including comments attributed to Gustafsson, relaying that it “costs too much” money and time away to train with Alliance in California. In addition, it said Gustafsson had decided it was best to not train with Alliance’s Phil Davis for now, since the two could be headed to a future fight.

Here is some of what the follow up Kimura story said via Google translation:

All these rumors denied, however, by Alex’s head coach Andreas Michael , who in an exclusive interview with Kimura.se says that the media only has Alex comments and interpreted it wrong in order to “sell” the news. Andreas says that the partnership between the Alliance and Alex / Allstar Fitness that it will continue cooperation for a long time to come. Thoughts on finishing the fine relationship that the two clubs have between them does not exist and has never existed.

In addition, Michael reportedly added that Gustafsson and Davis will only fight if it involves a title fight or “millions of dollars.”

So, there you have it. Maybe Gustafsson just doesn’t plan on spending as much time at Alliance as he has in the past?

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