If Anderson Silva had defeated Chris Weidman at UFC 162, Tuesday’s press conference to pump up UFC 165 likely would have gone dramatically different, as Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson may have been the last hurdle to the much discussed super fight. Of course, thanks to the fact that Chris Weidman’s left hook wasn’t mesmerized by Silva’s “gameplan”, Gustafsson can no longer play spoiler.

Now, just because Silva’s storied reign came to an end on Saturday, doesn’t mean that Gustafsson won’t still be a huge underdog when he takes on Jones in September. Gustafsson was predictably asked for his thoughts on Weidman’s win, and how it might relate to his bout with Jones, and the Swedish fighter noted (quo via MMA Junkie.com):

“We’re all human beings. Everyone is beatable, and I’m here to prove everyone wrong, and that’s how it’s going to be.”

Sounds pretty similar to what Mr. Weidman was just saying a few days ago. Although Gustafsson has been calling for a fight with Jones for sometime now, there was no ill will on display at the UFC 165 presser. The 26 year-old added:

“I’m so pumped for this fight. I have nothing personal against Jones. He’s a professional athlete; I’m a professional athlete. This pays our rent and it’s our job, so it’s not personal at all.”

It’s crazy to think that in a three month span two of the sport’s  best pound-for-pound fighters (Jones is now #1 in the promotion’s rankings) could lose. Will it happen? Probably not, but if it does, don’t expect Gustafsson to win because Jones decides to break out a new taunting routine.