Before we go any further, read this Deadspin article by Josh Gross. In it, he uncovers the fact that the UFC brass monitored Vitor Belfort’s testosterone levels around the time of UFC 152, knew that they were elevated, and did nothing to prevent him from challenging Jon Jones for the light-heavyweight belt. The article is fascinating, and thanks to a paralegal for the UFC accidentally sending out Belfort’s lab results to 29 people it shouldn’t have – and the UFC sending out a subsequent legal threat to anyone who didn’t delete the document – we have a picture that paints the UFC in a pretty negative light when it comes to its self-regulation of its fighters.

For me, the most salient point of the piece is that, despite his claims to the contrary, Belfort never stopped cheating.

But what if Belfort had managed to defeat Jones at UFC 152? What the Brazilian delivered to Jones a severe injury?

Jon Jones tells Deadspin that at the time he fought Belfort he was unaware the Brazilian used TRT. He also says he was unaware of the questionable drug test result.

“What would have happened if Jon Jones gets his arm ripped off in the armbar?” asks one recipient of the accidentally-forwarded email. “Or if there was a career-ending situation? Or he got knocked out badly or was really injured? What would the liability have been at that point? It was inconceivable to me that they went forward with the fight and didn’t cancel it.”

The UFC has since handed off the responsibility of drug monitoring to the USADA.

Belfort though, he’s still a bad person.