Now that Lyoto Machida has blasted his way into the middleweight division, by putting away Mark Munoz at UFN 30 with a thumping head kick, the MMA world is a buzz with ‘who’s next” talk.  Of course, since “The Dragon” is a former light-heavyweight champ and just defeated the UFC’s #5 ranked 185ér, he’s already right in the thick of the title shot race. Thus, why he’s already fielding questions about the possibility of fighting the likes of Chris Weidman, Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping.

Well, while speaking to FOX Sports 2 after yesterday’s card in Manchester, here’s what UFC boss man Dana White had to say about Machida’s short term future (quote via MMA

“I think, and I’m just talking here as a fan, not as a promoter, I think a lot of people want to see him and Vitor Belfort,” White said. “That would be a fun fight. Vitor’s got to win down in Brazil. And who knows, (Machida) could fight someone else before that. But I’m just saying, as a fan, and speaking for many fans, that’s the fight they want to see. At least that’s what everyone was screaming at me on the way out of the arena tonight.”

That would be a fun fight, as well as a huge one, particularly in Brazil considering the two are pretty, pretty big names in their native country. Of course, Belfort has to get by Dan Henderson at UFC FN 32 on November 9th next, and even if he does, would he accept a fight with Machida? Considering how adamant Belfort’s been that he should challenge for the 185 title next?

White also mentioned having Machida fight “before that”, and it looks like Gegard Mousasi is already offering his services. The decorated fighter, who has been sidelined in recent months due to knee surgery, tweeted Saturday “I want to make an impact in MW division and fight Machida!”

Although Mousasi plans on returning to 185 for his next fight, and is a ridiculously talented fighter, Machida’s camp probably wants another top five middleweight next, like say, Michael Bisping. Machida relayed Saturday that fighting “The Count” next would be a “great fight for me.”

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