Mixed martial arts is taxing on the body. No doubt about it. For a long running champ like Georges St-Pierre, who has done full five round fights, and strenuous fight camps it is even more-so. St-Pierre’s head trainer Firas Zahabi recently made it clear that the 31-year-old champ may only have a few fights left in him.

“His training camps are not sustainable forever. His training camps are very difficult. I’ve done a lot of training camps. I could tell you the energy, time and money and hours spent doing a GSP training camp is ridiculous. It’s borderline insane. There’s a lot of effort going into preparing him for his fights. Can he live this lifestyle for another four or five years? I don’t know. Because it’s not a balanced lifestyle. It’s not a balanced lifestyle for him. He’s giving up a lot of free time and leisure time and experiences he could be having in life to maintain his title, to maintain this excellence. It’s a difficult thing to do. He’s going to have to make that choice one fight at a time. Does he want to go through another training camp? Right now at this time, yes, for sure. There’s no doubt in my mind he wants to do another one, but down the line, two or three more training camps, is he still going to want to do it? That’s up to him. Does he still have the fire and the passion? We’ll see.” – Via Sherdog

Financially speaking, the champ is reported as a millionaire by his employers. Besides his pay-per-view shares, the champ is the first fighter to pick-up mainstream sponsors such as Gatorade, Nike, Under Armour. Now with reports of St-Pierre being offered a part in the upcoming Captain America sequel, we may just lose another champion to Hollywood.