Georges St. Pierre went out on top, which is probably why we’re so keen on seeing him return, you know?

ESPN caught up with GSP’s longtime coach, Firas Zahabi, and asked him about his star pupil ever returning. Zahabi was bullish on us seeing the former welterweight champ in the cage again.

Georges is in Montreal right now. He’s getting his body in shape and we’re going to explore options in the near future. I don’t put any pressure on Georges. I don’t ask him if he wants to fight. He tells me whether he wants to fight or not. I sit there and listen to him. I think personally, these are not his words, there is more fight in him. I think he loves the sport and he gets excited about the idea of fighting again. I see him in practice all the time and the guy is incredible. He’s still the best. I think Georges is going to make a splash soon.

Interpret that tidbit any way you want, but it’s clear that those around St. Pierre think a return is inevitable.