Georges St-Pierre’s head coach Firas Zahabi has told CBC Sports that the UFC welterweight champion does indeed wish to fight Anderson Silva, despite rumors to the contrary. Firas also said that he’s asked in Canada more about whether GSP will fight Nick Diaz, rather than Anderson Silva.

“He told me yes. But I think there’s a lot to be negotiated. I don’t know how much more than that.”

With St-Pierre back in training following his epic, grueling five-round title defense against Carlos Condit last month in Montréal, Firas also stated that he is still taking it easy in training for the time being.

“Georges is doing a more relaxed form of training. After a fight like that [against Condit], he needs time off. He’s just doing more playful types of training. But Georges’ hobby is martial arts, so for him it’s a pleasure what he’s doing.”

In fairness to St-Pierre, the pressure to fight Anderson Silva is coming more from Zuffa and Silva’s camp than from the fans, most of whom would relish the chance to see him defend his title against deserving contender Johny Hendricks or even a returning Nick Diaz in a grudge match.

Or what about seeing a victorious Benson Henderson moving up to challenge GSP somewhere down the line? Just a thought. Don’t expect this super-fight talk to die down any time soon however. We’ll keep you updated.