As Lyoto Machida observed the fight between Jon Jones and fellow Brazilian Vitor Belfort, the former champ was shocked to not see a finish. Machida expresses that he thought it was ‘90% in’ and only lost by Belfort’s lack of ‘relaxation’ on the hold.

“I wouldn’t let his arm go at all. I would have brought it back to Brazil. But I think Vitor didn’t relax his hold, I think Jon Jones had the merit to get away from that position. That was almost set, maybe 90%, but then the champion’s spirit spoke more strongly,” he said to

Machida hints that the hole in Jones’ game will likely now be patched. With Machida being a perennial contender in a thinning division; he may soon have his chance again to exploit new holes in Jones’ game.

“Jon will now go and prepare more on this part of his game, for sure. Vitor was prepared for that position, it came in very fast. I always see holes in Jones’ game but you have to be very well prepared to explore them.”

Though UFC president Dana White has already exclaimed that Machida will be fighting Dan Henderson next, Lyoto has not received the official word as he plays coy to the question of ‘who’s next.’

“I will be ready to re-start in ten days to fight in December, who knows?” he says, giving no clue on who his next opponent will be.

As to interest in a Georges St-Pierre super-fight, “The Dragon” would be very curious to test his karate skills against fellow karate black-belt GSP.

“It would be an interesting karate duel but I don’t know at what weight we would do it. If it is at 185lbs, I will go for it,” says the former light-heavyweight champ.