Georges St. Pierre may be out of the fight, but that doesn’t stop him from knocking people out. He may not be doing it with his fist, but with pairs, trips, straights, and flushes. Georges has entered himself into the main event of the World Series of Poker(WSOP) while his leg is still on the mend. In this clip, he talks about the difference between fighting and playing poker.

In poker GSP says he must withhold his emotions where in fighting emotions help him. He was also the man who got to announce the opening of the tournament for the day giving the inaugural “shuffle up and deal”. Of course the conversation moves into fighting, and the fights this past weekend specifically. In a rather surprising proclamation GSP says he believes that Anderson Silva is the pound for pound best fighter in the world, and after his performance last night it will be hard to find someone who disagrees. He ends the video saying he hopes to fight before the year is out, most likely to unify the titles with Carlos Condit.