Come Saturday night (Nov. 16) at UFC 167, champ Georges St-Pierre will have the opportunity to surpass Anderson Silva as the most victorious fighter in the organization’s history. Here are the three records he stands to break.

  • Win, lose or draw, if St-Pierre can keep the fight going longer than just 39 seconds, he will break current record holder BJ Penn for the most time in the octagon–currently at 5  hours, 3 minutes, 51 seconds.
  • The title of most victories in UFC history is currently tied between Matt Hughes, Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Anderson Silva and GSP with 18. Will St-Pierre break the tie with 19 wins, being the most victorious figter ever in UFC history?
  • The most prestigious IMO is title bout wins. Currently tied between St-Pierre and Silva at 11, GSP has a chance to surpass the current GOAT with a possible 12th title bout victory.

Should St-Pierre win Saturday, he will technically be the most successful fighter the organization has ever seen, passing up Anderson Silva. However, there is other variables that most consider, such as finishes, which St-Pierre has a deficit in compared to Silva. Should St-Pierre still desire to be known as the greatest fighter of all time (GOAT), he will not only need a win but to get the finish in order to convince the majority.