The life of a fighter is a roller coaster of emotions. Following a five round war with Carlos Condit, the champ Georges St-Pierre sported an ice bag to his swollen head during the UFC 154 post-fight press conference. It was no surprise that the question of ‘super fight’ between himself and Anderson Silva was asked relentlessly. Still feeling the affects of his battle, St-Pierre could not help but admit that he is not looking forward to the bout, but instead a vacation.

“I need to take some vacation and think about it, to see where I want to put my career,” St-Pierre said. “I want to make the best choice for myself, the UFC and for the fans.”

“I’m going to have a talk to my manager, my trainer and all my entourage about it and we’ll see what’s going to happen.”

Interestingly, Silva not only analyzed the fight cage-side, but also held a ‘press conference,’ speaking on his interest fighting the welterweight champ.

“This is my plan, but it is not my decision,” Silva said on FUEL TV’s post-fight show on his desire to face GSP. “I am here to work for the UFC. I have my plans, Georges has his plans, but we both need to talk to Dana and [UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta] because this is the biggest fight in the world.

“The fans of UFC will love it. Maybe this fight is the best fight in the history of the UFC.”

Both men admit, whether they want it or not – the final decision is made by their employer Dana White. White could do nothing short of promise the fight, before and after the 154 outcome.

“I’m going to make the GSP-Silva fight,” White told FUEL TV. “GSP is sore, he just got hit by a bus, and he hasn’t fought in 18 months. But I’ll make this fight. They’ll fight and it’ll probably be around May. It’ll either be in Toronto, Dallas, Texas, or Brazil.”