If you were one of the many that caught the intriguing UFC 167: St-Pierre vs. Hendricks post-fight press conference (video here), you probably noticed that the moment Georges St-Pierre stepped in the room, the word awkward comes to mind. You can  accredit that to the fact that just minutes before the champs entrance, UFC president Dana White was releasing a barrage of insults on the commission for allowing ”incompetent judges” who had  GSP in the decision. White would continue on, using St-Pierre’s alleged ‘hospital ride’ as further proof that Hendricks won dominantly.

After all the hoopla, we learned that St-Pierre had planned to take a break even before his last throw-down in the octagon.

“I made the decision even before the Hendricks fight,” St. Pierre confessed. “When Joe Rogan gave me the mic I was unsure if I should say it or not.”

St-Pierre also touches on the suggestions that he may be stepping away because he believed he lost to Hendricks.

“My first fight with Menjivar, it was controversial and I took the mic to say I was unsure if I won. (In the Hendricks fight) I’ll say I won rounds one, three and five. I think in round one, that’s was made the controversy. I think what made the difference for me, was the guillotine. I put him in more danger than he put me. If I thought I lost the fight, trust me … I’m not someone who could live with that.

As for the comments by White of St-Pierre going to the hospital when he was ready to speak to the media —

“What happened November 16th after the fight, I was waiting for the doctors for a while. Finally, they arrived, fixed me up, took my shower and put a tie on. I approached someone who worked for the UFC and asked where the press conference was. She told me I didn’t have to go. I said, ‘No, there is controversy after my fight, I’d like to explain myself, and clear up things. She said ‘No, it’s fine, you don’t have to go.’ I told her that I was going to go. I started to walk toward the press conference and she started yelling at me, saying ‘Georges, you’re not allowed to go … you’re not supposed to go.”

“I said, ‘Oh yeah?! I’m still going.'”

“Every one was white,” he said. “Everyone was staring at me, surprised to see me. I did not know why. Then I thought, maybe something happened. I sit down, I do the press conference not knowing why, and afterward my friends told me a rumor was circulating that I had left in an ambulance. Dana White said I left in an ambulance and that was not true. I was completely fine. Two days later, I was playing volleyball.”

“As for Dana White, I’m not upset at Dana,” he said. “He’s a promoter, he’s someone that is extremely intelligent, and I am on very good terms with Dana. He does his work. What he wants is to make a fight that is in the best interests of the UFC. Unfortunately, I am breaking those plans because I need a break.”