Sorry Mandy – not even a top 10 Hollywood beauty can take Georges St-Pierre’s focus off his title defense. There’s a rumor spanning all the way back to 2009 that Georges St-Pierre was once dating the young actress. Those rumors can now be laid to rest (pun intended), according to St-Pierre.

“No, it’s not true,” St-Pierre told MMA Fighting reporter Ariel Helwani. “I have no idea (where the rumor started), it was a rumor and it was all over the internet. No, she’s an actress, Hollywood, and, no, I’m married with my job right now.”

With that St-Pierre did clarify his interest in beautiful women, as he recalls a fight against B.J. Penn in which he was mesmerized momentarily by the beauty of super-model Cindy Crawford.

“It was against B.J. Penn, I believe,” St-Pierre said of the incident. “I was bloody, it was the first round. I think the second round I was against the fence and in a clinch with B.J. Penn and I looked (out into the crowd) and it’s Cindy Crawford. I said to myself ‘Wow, she is so beautiful.’ And then I’m looking right besides her and her husband is looking at me and I’m like ‘Oh my god I’m not going to look at her, her husband is watching me.’ And then I’m thinking ‘of course he’s watching me, I’m doing the show right now. Okay go back to the fight.’ It was crazy.”

Tomorrow will be the long awaited return of the welterweight champ against Carlos Condit in the headline of UFC 154. As always,we will be keeping you updated with live results, starting with the Facebook prelims, so stay tuned.