If you’re one of the thousands of fans currently occupying the Johny Hendricks’ bandwagon, you’ll be happy to hear that UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre has said a bout with the powerful wrestler is likely next. But what about a super fight with Anderson Silva? That might take some time.

GSP recently appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, and naturally, the matter of whether he’ll fight his fellow superstar Silva came up. In the past, St. Pierre has said he’s up for the bout, thankfully, but that he would need to put on weight and probably abandon the welterweight division to do so. Nothing’s evidently changed on this front.

St. Pierre told Rogan that he doesn’t cut a lot of weight to make 170, as many believe, and that because Silva is “230 pounds” there’s a significant amount of difference in size between the two. Yes, GSP has said this before, but then he also relayed that it would “be easier for me to go fight at 155 than fighting at 185” and that he’s naturally closer to a lightweight.

So, does this mean a super fight with Silva is a non-starter, no, but it reinforces the belief that St. Pierre will probably take another bout or two at welterweight (enter Johny Hendricks) before making any move.

Really, at this stage, a bout between Silva and Jon Jones is looking more likely no?


Photo Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports