When Georges St. Pierre made his usual visit to Gracie Barra Montreal last night, he received a special surprise. The group there gave GSP a special tribute, where they awarded him with a diploma from IBJJF as well as the first stripe on his black belt.

“GSP has been my black belt since 2008, and it was time he got a stripe. The cool part was that his manager, who is also his best friend, got his black belt yesterday too,” stated Professor Bruno Fernandes. “He’s Rodolphe Beaulieu, who has been training with us for a long while now and became the first black belt at the new GB Montreal location, a school I openend in April 2010. The other cool part was that each of them knew that the other was going to get promoted but never suspected they themselves would be, so it was a great surprise for them both. Just as it was for the other students, who didn’t have a clue about anything.”

Six of GSP’s Canadian fans where lucky enough to witness this, as they had won a contest through Gatorade, where they got to meet Georges.

“GSP is stoked the stripe came at such a trying time for him, because of the injury and having to pull out of a fight again. He tore his anterior cruciate ligament all the way through, and he’s scheduled for surgery next week,” said Bruno.

Earlier today GSP himself shared the exciting news via his Twitter:

Forgot to share this with you – I received the first stripe on my BJJ black belt at Gracie Barra Montral

Congrats Georges!

*Source: Gracie International