After Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger’s three round fight at UFC on FOX 8 Saturday, Dana White wasn’t shy about the fact he wasn’t a fan of what had just transpired. The UFC President’s declaration that the bout was “terrible”, MacDonald “did just enough to win”, and Ellenberger “did nothing at all”, seems to be the general consensus.

MacDonald’s Tristar teammate and friend Geoerges St. Pierre, however, is praising how the 24 year-old performed en route to his UD win. GSP attended a UFC World Tour event in Las Vegas, Monday, and had this to say about MacDonald’s latest win (quote via MMA

“For someone that knows fighting, I believe it was a great fight (for Rory),” St-Pierre said. “On the other side, for Jake, I don’t believe it was a great fight for Jake. I believe Jake should have done something to try to change the momentum. he did at the end, but it was too late.

“I think Rory did a great fight. You don’t brawl with a brawler, and I think he did a very good fight, very smart. He shut down Jake Ellenberger. Not only did he shut down a very, very dangerous opponent, he made it look relatively easy.”

From a technical standpoint, MacDonald certainly did a good job of controlling the fight, but at a time when critics are calling for more finishes in MMA, the outcry is far from surprising.

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