Dana White has professed that for the right amount of money he can make any fight happen in the UFC, and GSP may be taking that proclamation to the limit. According to a close source to GSP, the UFC welterweight champion wants $50 million to take the fight with Anderson Silva. While that may sound like an absurd amount of money it is not out of the realm of possibility. The reason being that high profile fighters like GSP do not rely just on their purse to make all their money for a fight.

Not only will GSP pull in the bout purse, but he will also have a cut of PPV buys and sponsorship money. There is little doubt that the fight between the two champions will most likely do the biggest amount of PPV buys the UFC has ever seen and could possibly pull in anywhere near 2 million buys. With that kind of exposure, sponsors will be throwing money at GSP to have their name anywhere. Now, whatever the difference between what sponsors pay and PPV cuts from the $50 million GSP wants will be what the UFC has to supply.

For people thinking that GSP is throwing out these kind of numbers to back out of the fight would be dead wrong. In fact, GSP has very sound reasoning for wanting this amount of money. The source of this information also said that GSP makes about $8 million a fight, and has about 10 more fights to make that amount of money. The problem is GSP believes he could get seriously injured or even have a career ending injury in a bout with Silva. So, he wants to make as much money in this one fight that he would over the rest of his career just in case he is unable to fight after it.