A dream fight I have wished for and talked about with my friends time and time again, may just come true. GSP was recently heard talking about moving up in weight to where champ Anderson Silva sits at the top of the food chain.

He’s up from his usual 187-188 pounds as his walk-around weight to 195-196, and said he’s slowly developing muscle that he will maintain. At the same time, he emphasized that his athletic performance comes second to his health, and despite competing in a dangerous sport, he is not going to take any steps that would hinder his long-term well-being.

The 28-year old St. Pierre said that if he gets up to 200 pounds, he may have to move up a weight class. He’s noted that he goes against middleweights, light heavyweights and heavyweights in training all the time, and does very well against them.

The key is whether St. Pierre can continue to make 170 without a problem. He said if and when the cut becomes too drastic, that’s when he’ll stop. It’s in that next class up where Anderson Silva, his much talked-about potential future opponent in what would be one of the biggest matches in company history, resides as champion.

“I’m not afraid of any man in the sport,” said St. Pierre in reference to Silva, who along with St. Pierre and Fedor Emelianenko are the three fighters most debated for the No. 1 pound-for-pound spot.

A GSP vs Anderson Silva match would be legendary for UFC and with this year closing out on such a bad note due to all the headlining fighters coming up lame, it could breathe fresh air into the league. If GSP moves up he will have a whole new roster of challenges all of whom would love to lay claim to beating the epic fighter that is GSP, Dan Hardy could certainly shock the world by upsetting GSP (Matt Sera).

Nothing official has been made yet but if he’s thinking about it out loud now – to me that means he’s been contemplating this move for a while, and GSP would love the challenge and the right to say he beat the so far un-touchable Anderson Silva, and for Silva this may just be the true challenger he needs to bring out his true skill.