You poke at a Lion long enough, its bound to strike. UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre may seem like a nice guy outside the cage, but after a ‘big mouth’ fan decided to spout off comments on St-Pierre’s lack of finishes as of late, he was not so nice.

“These are the kind of people that have a big mouth but probably can’t even fight. They don’t know anything. They eat popcorn, with a Coca-Cola and a chocolate bar, they like to complain, but they don’t know how hard it is to knockout someone in the Octagon. It’s easy to say ‘I will knockout someone,’ but in fact, it is very hard to do.”

Will see if Georges St-Pierre can silents the critics, come UFC 158 in Montreal, as he takes on former Strikeforce champ, Nick Diaz. The event is scheduled to take place on March 16, available to buy on pay-per-view. Otherwise, as usual, we will be streaming the results, play-by-plays and recaps for your reading pleasure.