According to a source for Mixed Martial Arts forum ‘The Underground,’ current UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, is no longer training with the famed Greg Jackson camp.

The post states that GSP felt that Jackson never had him improve his ground game, but just showed him more stand-up  techniques. Check out the whole post below;

GSP leaves Team Greg Jackson

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Talked to a friend from Tristar and he said Georges has officially changed his affiliation to Tristar gym. When Georges went to Jackson’s gym he signed a contract making it mandatory that Jackson be in his corner, so we will be seeing him there for the next couple of fights.

Georges has made it known that Jackson has never showed him anything on the ground and he was continually having to learn his standup in other places. The only benefit was training with some excellent fighters, but now most of them are training in other states and camps.

To show respect to the owners of the Tristar gym, where he does most of his training, GSP has changed his affiliation.