It appears Georges St. Pierre is convinced Chris Weidman can, and will, beat Anderson Silva in their upcoming UFC 162 bout. In fact, he’s so thoroughly convinced that he thinks a potential future super-fight with himself and Silva will never come to fruition thanks to what he sees as certain victory by Weidman.

In case everyone forgot, a couple months back he shared this perceived confidence in his friend, and training partner, in an interview with SportsNetCanada which you can see here. He was asked about the outcome of the Silva-Weidman fight and he said, without a doubt, Weidman would win. “Rush” even went so far as to say the fight would “not be too long” and “people will be shocked” at how quick Weidman will finish the middleweight ace.

That sentiment was then re-iterated by UFC president Dana White, speaking to media post-UFC 160, when he addressed questions regarding St. Pierre’s portrayed disinterest in his own super-fight with “The Spider”. In a video brought to us by, White said he had spoken to GSP and the Canadian still believes, with 100% certainty, Weidman is going to win.

“I talked to GSP. We finally talked. His guy called me and Lorenzo yesterday and then he and I talked tonight, right before I walked into the fights. He 100%, absolutely, positively knows that Weidman is going to beat Anderson Silva. He doesn’t even, no doubt in his mind that fight (with St. Pierre and Anderson) won’t happen because Weidman is going to win.”

By no means is it outside the realm of possibilities for a Weidman win. As a matter of fact, many, including myself, believe Weidman may actually possess the tools to dethrone “The Spider”. Weidman, as displayed in five exceptional Octagon victories, is absolutely capable of beating just about anyone, let alone Anderson Silva.

The problem isn’t with St. Pierre’s confidence in his friend or his belief in his abilities. The major issue with this perception is that St. Pierre has once again garnered publicity for himself and, simultaneously, managed to divert attention away from his own anticipated match-up with Silva. Nobody will blame him for not wanting the fight. Not many men welcome that fight.

He just needs to say he doesn’t want anything to do with him and move on. It’s no longer necessary to continually associate himself with the idea of a super-fight with Anderson. He’s made very clear his intentions. Give the spotlight to Chris Weidman and start preparing for Johny Hendricks.

GSP’s proclamation aside, I am one who whole-heartedly looks forward to a Weidman victory and future title reign. However, a part of me can’t help but get a little excited at another Silva win, as I look forward to the next response in what has been a long list of St. Pierre rebuttals for reasons he doesn’t, or shouldn’t, have to face the pound-for-pound great, Silva.

Now it’s time for your insinght. Caged Insider readers, what do you think about the Weidman-Silva bout and St. Pierre’s role in all of it?


Photo by Eric Bolte – USA TODAY Sports