gsp-OlympicsIn the late months of 2007, Georges St. Pierre was training for the Olympic trials in the hope that he would make the Canadian wrestling team. His training had to be put on hold when he a got a call from the UFC asking him to take the place of an injured Matt Serra in his bout against Matt Hughes. Since he accepted the fight, his dreams for competing in the Olympics were put on hold for even longer.

St. Pierre is widely recognized as the best wrestler in MMA, but many wonder how this will work out for him on a international wrestling level.

GSP discussed the difficulties he may come across to compete in the London Olympic games; “There is a big difference in me saying, ‘I want to go to the Olympic games,’ and actually going to the Olympic games, it is very hard … you have to pass through a bunch of obstacles before you get there.”

Luckily for him, he has one less obstacle to face. UFC president Dana White gave GSP his blessing to train and hopefully compete in the olympics, saying this; “I think it would be great if he won a medal, guys that are under contract, they come to us and we sit down and we figure things out. Listen, the thing is if you’re under contract with me, (it) doesn’t mean I don’t want you doing anything else in your life.”

More to come on St. Pierre and his 2012 Olympic training as the time gets closer…