Last night on HDNet’s Inside MMA, Forrest Griffin responded to a recent call out made by former champ Tito Ortiz for his ‘last hurrah’before retirement. Griffin was happy to oblige, saying if enough tweets from the fans came in, it would materialize.

Tito Ortiz:

“Forrest, you know I deserve it, man. Step up. Let’s do this. It’s an awesome fight for you. I lost my last one. You lost your last one. Let’s do this — unless your scared!”
“He knows better than that. You know what’s funny about me and Tito? The truth is we each consider the other an easy fight. For me, that’s the perfect ‘get right’ fight. Coming back from a bad loss and beating Tito Ortiz up? No problem. For Tito, he’s thinking, ‘Forrest ain’t that good. He’s getting old, prematurely. This is a great way to go out, with a win over Forrest!’ So, I think it’s a beautiful match up because we both think of the other as an easy fight.”

Forrest Griffin:

“Wanna know how fights get done now? If enough people get on Twitter, it’ll happen. If enough people get on Twitter and tell ’em that’s what they want, that’s what’s gonna happen. It has to be done.”

Both men carry victories over each other and would like to finish off with a trilogy to verify who the better fighter is.