MMA uber-coach Greg Jackson has been talking again, this time to Inside MMA (transcribed by, saying that he and the UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre are looking at Johny Hendricks and not Anderson Silva as his next possible opponent.

“I don’t know [who GSP will fight next], there’s certainly some really tough guys out there, I’ll tell you who we got our eye on is [Johny] Hendricks. The guy’s got a big bomb, he’s [got] good wrestling and I think he’s going to pose a lot of problems, so we’ve really got to keep our eye on him.”

This news shouldn’t come as a surprise to MMA fans, with GSP and his camp not so far seeming that interested in a super-fight with Anderson Silva, which would require the Montréal native to move up in weight, more than likely abandoning his title for good.

“I honestly don’t know [about GSP fighting Silva next], I’ll be there to help, myself and all the rest of the coaches who help Georges will be there to help if that happens, but I’m not sure it’s all up to GSP and what he decides.”

What’s certain is that Hendricks is a more than capable alternative to Silva. Coming off a vicious first round KO win over top contender Martin Kampmann in Montréal at UFC 154 last month, “Bigg Rigg” possesses some serious threats to GSP’s crown with his dynamite fists and high wrestling pedigree.

Either way, whether he fights Silva or Hendricks, St-Pierre is more than likely in for the toughest fight of his career so far.