By now most everyone is aware that Diego Sanchez lost to Jake Ellenberger last night at UFC on Fuel TV via unanimous decision. Most would say this was a slight blow to Sanchez’ career, although his trainer Greg Jackson feels it was a ‘close decision’ and that it ‘doesn’t hurt his career at all.’ But was the fight really as close as Jackson says?

“We were trying to get that fire back in Diego. Get him to really push forward, get him to fake and feint, mess with his timing so we could get our entrances well and do what he did in the third round. [Sanchez] is really just getting started in his MMA career, Ellenberger is one of the top, top 170-pounders, so losing a close decision, it was two rounds to one, close decision like this, especially if we had two more rounds to work, I really don’t think it hurts his career at all. He won a lot of fans with his intensity and he’ll continue to do great things.”

*Source: MMA Mania