Picture if you will a season of The Ultimate Fighter helmed by a pretty likable, pretty innocuous American who isn’t much for trash talk, and opposite him is a cocky Brit who just can’t stop crapping from his mouth. Yeah, I’m talking about TUF 9, which pitted Dan Henderson against Michael Bisping in the coaching roles, and which culminated at UFC 100 in a bout between the two.

For its part, UFC 100 was an epic event. In the main event, Brock Lesnar rematched against Frank Mir, the co-main saw Georges St. Pierre do his thing against Thiago Alves, and the rest of the card was pretty stellar. But Henderson and Bisping did their thing in the third bout from the top, and in terms of a satisfying resolution to the events that transpired duding TUF 9, well…

…it was glorious.

Is this not one of the best knockouts in the UFC ever?