Gray Maynard wants the world to know he’s on the comeback trail, and tomorrow night’s bout against Ross Pearson is .

A three-time NCAA All-American wrestler, Maynard enjoyed a five year undefeated run to begin his MMA career, but fell on hard times more recently, losing three of his last four bouts. Each loss was via TKO.

His opponent at tomorrow’s UFC Fight Night 47, Ross Pearson, sees Maynard as developing a weak chin. The Briton boasted recently: “I just have to touch him and I can finish him.”

Maynard disagrees.

“I felt like I’ve just been out of it for a couple of years,” Maynard admitted in an interview with MMA Junkie. “I had a lot of personal stuff going on. I wasn’t in the gym the way I needed to be.”

This time, the man they call “Bully” enjoyed a long training camp of about four months — what he calls a “championship camp” — with his new team at Power MMA in San Jose, CA.

Regarding the recent TKO losses, Maynard clarifies: “The last two bouts, I got clipped. Did I get knocked out cold and stiff? No. They attacked me good, and I stood up… I’ve never been out cold.”

“Saturday night, he can put that to the test,” Maynard says of Pearson’s comments. “I guarantee I’m going to put his chin to the test.”