In case you were wondering, no, Gray Maynard is not dead. He’s still alive – despite the four knockout losses in his last six bouts, he has somehow resisted falling into a persistent vegetative state and expiring.

But someone asked him on Twitter on Friday if a return was in the cards, and this is what Maynard said:

A bout at 145 pounds? Though that’s only ten pounds lower than the where Maynard has traditionally fought, it’s not like Maynard had a lot of flab to spare. Plus, since he’s proven more susceptible to head trauma than before, I doubt purposely dehydrating yourself to make a lower weight class where everyone will undoubtedly be faster is the best idea.

Yesterday I was calling for Diego Sanchez’s retirement, but I think, in terms of imminent danger, this Maynard thing is of more important. Homeboy is going to kill himself.

Please, someone make it stop.