Gray Maynard (11-1-1) bounces back with a victory over Clay Guida (29-13) at UFC on FX in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It was not the best action seen in the octagon, but no fault of the victor as Guida circled away from numerous exchanges. Here is the full play by play.

Round One:
Guida comes out with pressure as he bounces around as usual. The Bully looks composed. Stiff left lands for Guida. Left lands for Maynard. Haymaker misses for Maynard, and we can now see blood coming from the nose of Maynard. Guida looks to be avoiding the strikes very well with his head movement. Guida lands high kick, but not much power behind it. Guida lands a blitz left on the chin. Round ends with neither man making a splash.

Round Two
Maynard catches Guida coming in. Eye poke to the eye of Maynard stops the action for a second. The two reset and Guida continues to faint and bounce around the cage. Maynard is beginning to stalk as Guida circles. Guida lands a kick to the head, Maynard partially blocks. Maynard begins to cut off the cage now, and peppering wtih the jab. Head kick lands flush on Maynard. The round ends with Guida speeding up his movement.

Ronud Three
Gray comes out aggressive and starts swinging the hooks. Lands a right hook. Guida now circling quickly and Maynard finally shoots and it is stopped with ease by Guida. Guida goes for a single leg and it’s stopped by Maynard. Maynard now looking frustrated chasing Guida. Maynard flips the middle finger as Guida runs. Crowd boos. Maynard complains of an eye poke but won’t get a stop this time. Maynard grabs a clinch and lands two knees.

Rouond Four:
Maynard shoots and transfers to the clinch, but Guida escapes. Guida complains of hair grabbing. Maynard caught with a jab while jumping in with a left hook. A right hand lands for Maynard.  Guida gets caught with another right. Clinch grabbed for Maynard and three knees landed followed by a hook on the exit. Maynard walks former with his chin out and Guida shoots only to have a guillotine slapped on. The wildness of Guida shakes out of guillotine.

Round Five:
Right hook lands on Guida. Jab landed for the Bully. Wide right hooks landing for Maynard. Head kick lands flush for Guida and Gray looks stunned. Big straight landed on Guida as he comes forward. Maynard caught coming in by a jab. Guida’s left eye is starting to swell shut. Gray stalks and Guida runs. Ref. stops action and warns a point to be taken for “timidity.” Maynard shoots a single and runs the pipe. Body lock held for the last minute. Clinch grabbed in the scramble for Maynard and two knees landed. The round ends and Maynard refuses the hand of Guida.

Official: Gray Maynard defeats Clay Guida by Split Decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47)

Maynard remains undefeated – except by one man, Frankie Edgar. During his post-fight victory speech, Maynard requested a title shot. As much as Maynard would like a rematch against the former champ, he will need to wait out the rematch between Benson Henderson and Edgar. With other top contenders such as Anthony Pettis and  Nate Diaz, he may be in need of another win in the competitive division.