If you had not been following along with the soap opera that is MMA, then let’s clarify the latest beef to percolate in the cage. Anthony Pettis was tired of waiting for a title shot at 155 lbs. after injuries and others stepping in his way. In the interim, the lightweight top contender made his way down to 145 for a title shot against Jose Aldo, which he recently lost to “The Korean Zombie,” as he suffered a minor injury (which is currently healing), keeping him out of the fight. Pettis is now left frustrated and even questions if he was “meant for a title” (Inside MMA), as his second title shot slips through his fingers.

With the UFC now returning to his hometown of Wisconsin for the title fight between lightweight champ Benson Henderson and TJ Grant, Pettis could not help but call for himself to replace Grant. Luckily for Grant, the UFC doesn’t agree with Pettis’ suggestion.

Obviously, the attempt by Pettis did leave the Canadian Grant with a bad taste in his mouth. Grant recently spoke with ESPN, where he let his feeling be known on the matter.

“I wish it was handled a little differently; him of all people, I think it was disrespectful, to do that against someone who has earned the right to fight is not right. Unfortunately he got hurt, but it was low class, I thought. I didn’t want to get into the whole talking thing. I got here legitimately and earned it. Ultimately, what he was saying was that he wanted my title shot which was incredibly disrespectful. It was pretty dirty.”

With the latest comments from Grant, we may now have the grounds set for a fight between the two, down the line. Both men are not currently looking to face each other, but the man with the gold, which happens to be Benson “Smooth” Henderson, and or Jose Aldo in Pettis’ situation.