Tonight, at UFC Fight Night 77, Brazilian fireplug Gleison Tibau entered the Octagon for the 26th time. That’s pretty amazing, especially considering he’s never fought for a belt in the organization, and he probably never will. Tibau, you see, long ago established that he’s “good enough” to be counted among the elite, and has maintained that level of ability for years.

That stuff was on display against Abel Trujillo, who for about all of the minute and 45 seconds of their fight, was trying (and failing) not to get dominated.

Sadly, the end was in sight when Tibau had Trujillo’s back and was working in the choke, but it wasn’t a clean ending; referee Keith Peterson, believing that Trujillo was out when he clearly wasn’t, stepped in, giving Tibau the victory by technical submission.

The bout should have gone on for maybe on more second, which would’ve erased all doubt. How much doubt could there be if Trujillo was put to sleep? But it didn’t go on long enough, and though he left the Octagon today with another win, Tibau’s “W” will have a mental asterisk next to it.