Maybe Gina Carano is already having second thoughts about what she previously stated concerning a return to MMA.

Carano appeared on a recent episode of “The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson” to discuss her current movie career and possible venture back into the fight game. Carano had stated on “The Arsenio Hall Show” that she was thinking about a return and had a meeting set with UFC president Dana White in the near future.

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After leaving Strikeforce several years ago to dive head-first into acting, Carano has been rumored as a possible future opponent for UFC female bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. Her last fight was a loss to Cris Cyborg.

“It’s being discussed right now,” Carano said. “I think I just have these two different personalities. I think I might be a little bipolar.

“I just have this super aggressive side and I have this shy side. They’re going to meet in the middle one day.”

Carano (7-1) also stated that she has “never gone into a fight feeling at my top form,” but that is “something I want to experience.”

Check out the video below for the complete interview.