Depending on the outcome of this weekends UFC on FOX 5 main event Gilbert Melendez may be considering a drop to 145. The reason being that if teammate Nate Diaz takes the title from Benson Henderson, Melendez does not like the prospect of fighting his training partner, even if it is for the title. It is crazy considering most people rank Melendez within the top three if not top two at 155, but he would consider dropping to a weight class he has never competed in before. Of course, that means Diaz has to win the title first.

It would be interesting to see Melendez who has been one of the smaller lightweights in the world at 145. People always wanted to see him take on Frankie Edgar when they were both champions, because they both have a relentless and entertaining style. Now, that fight could still be a possibility with Edgar already fighting for the title at featherweight. If Edgar takes the title from Aldo the two could be considered for a super fight at a weight class lower than everyone originally thought it would come at.

This dilemma is not a new one in the sport of MMA where multiple teams have fighters in the same weight class. It is just not often that both are at the top of the division at the same time. This is similar to Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch who both said they would never fight each other in the octagon unless it was for the title. Melendez and Diaz have taken that a step further and ruled out a bout between the two forever. For Diaz, having Melendez at 155 is not such a bad thing though, because he says if he fails on Saturday Melendez will be able to take the title from Henderson. That is something Diaz is sure of.