The champ Georges St-Pierre (24-2) continues to prove himself as he takes out his latest nemesis in Nick Diaz (26-9-1) in front of his home country of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Round one – St-Pierre comes straight forward landing a leg kick and proceeding with the takedown. Nick attempts to roll away, but St-Pierre continued to keep Diaz under his top position through all of round one with ease.

Round two – Diaz comes out south paw and attempts to get a brawl going. Unfortunately for Diaz, St-Pierre proceeds to double-leg. Much of the same as Diaz tries his hardest to get it standing, with St-Pierre tugging down Diaz in every attempt. The last minute ends with the two throwing small single shots.

Round three – Diaz ramps up trash talk, goading St-Pierre into trading. The champ shoots and is stuffed, but follows up shortly after and earns it. Diaz is able to get it standing and earns a nicely placed body shot. St-Pierre works the jab, continuously. St-Pierre lands a big left, right. St-Pierre starts to land more freely on Diaz with a straight. Diaz now responds, landing jabs freely, marking up the champ. St-Pierre finally takes it back to the ground. Round ends and Diaz swings after the bell.

Round four – The two trade jabs and go into a thai clinch of each other, continuing to trade. Diaz starts to drop hands to welcome St-Pierre to come in. St-Pierre chooses the takedown. Diaz slowly works up, but GSP slams him down from the gate. Diaz attempts a kimura from the bottom as the round ends.

Round five – Diaz drives GSP to the gate, but is unable to hold as St-Pierre shrugs it off. The two spend much time on the ground with St-Pierre retains top mount. They stand with 1:45 left. The champ pulls a clinch as the challenger lands knees. 30 seconds left as he takes it to the ground to guarantee the unanimous decision.

Official: Georges St-Pierre defeats Nick Diaz via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

Make that 11 straight victories and 10 title defenses for Montreal’s Georges St-Pierre. Only losing to Matt Hughes and Matt Serra in his long running career, St-Pierre has looked impervious in the cage. With his latest adversary dismantled, St-Pierre will now look to make his next defense against number one contender Johny Hendricks.