For Georges St-Pierre, competing and training in MMA was all about enjoyment.

Once that ended, the former UFC welterweight champion saw no reason to continue forward.

St-Pierre appeared on a recent edition of “Undeniable” with Joe Buck to discuss why he retired from the sport when he did. GSP was the champion at the time and had just earned a decision over Johny Hendricks.

“The last two-or-three fights, I didn’t have fun,” he said (thanks for for transcribing). “I did it because I had to, not because I wanted to.

“I had too much pressure, to much criticism, too much things for too long. It’s very hard when you’re world champion, all your life is directed (at that). With my obsessive-compulsive disorder, I wanted to be the best in the world.”

Now 34 years old, St-Pierre (25-2) admits that his desire to have a “normal social life” also pushed him to stop fighting.

“I needed to step out of it,” he said. “To take a mental break of all that.”

Rumors of a potential return have swirled since he stepped away, and GSP said that the UFC has “called me a few times” about coming back to compete.

“Sometimes they make the other people call me to have the message,” he said. “The truth is, if I want to be back, it’s going to be up to me to tell them when I want to get back.”