Immediately after Georges St-Pierre defended his welterweight title for the ninth consecutive time he took to the microphone at UFC 167 to declare that he had some serious personal issues and he needed to hang up the gloves for a while. The champ was visibly distraught and seemed almost indifferent to the fight that had just gone down moments prior. The guy had just gone through one hell of a battle and left with the belt (some say undeservingly), and he has little to say about it? What’s going on here?

In the events following the fight it was revealed that St-Pierre was dealing with some concussion related issues and was both unable to sleep and “going crazy”, and things were starting to become a little more clear. Or so we thought. Things took a turn back toward muddled when in his postfight scrum Dana White opined that “Georges’ problems are not as serious as he thinks they are” and “he thinks it’s the end of the world but its not”. Obviously this didn’t add up. You mean to tell me your longtime champion and biggest draw is having fight-related health problems after a decade in your organization and you can just brush that off? No way, not even Dana would be that insensitive. Look at what he did for his other former biggest draw in Brock Lesnar when Lesnar was sick, Dana was using his private jet to fly the guy to The Mayo Clinic and all over. The concussion story seemed a little unlikely to begin and here is why. Georges St-Pierre is a wealthy, healthy, world class athlete still in the physical prime of his life, and he has spoke many times about having a life after fighting, if he was having problems as serious as something like post-concussion syndrome or chronic insomnia there is no way he would have stepped in the cage Saturday night, no way. Georges even allowing himself to get to a point of having concussion related problems is unlikely given his health conscious lifestyle and the amount of resources at his disposal and the thought of him going through an entire, well documented, intense training camp under those conditions is ludicrous.

Now how’s this for a bombshell… TMZ is reporting that not only is Georges’ father very ill, but GSP has allegedly impregnated one of his female companions unexpectedly and he is not thrilled about it! Having a child on the way is certainly something I can see Dana making light of, even if the child is unplanned or even unwanted. And as sad as it is for Georges I can also see Dana viewing an ill or dying father the same way. I mean after all, Georges is getting older and unfortunately losing a parents is a sad fact of life that almost all of us will face at some point and with Dana being estranged from both of his parents he may not have any perspective on the situation. This explanation makes much more sense. It may have thrown some people off to see just how upset the champ appeared to be, but it shouldn’t have. He is still very close with his family and his father is likely extremely important to him. Some may also remember that Georges nearly fell apart years ago when he lost his cousin around the time he lost his belt to Matt Serra. And as for the child, we all know how proper Georges seems to be and he has talked publicly about wanting kids post fight career. He is always trying to be on his best behavior and it is probably embarrassing him to have this fiasco going on. And I’m sure this is not how he wanted to welcome his first child to the world, but he should know that particular club is absolutely packed full of members, especially pro athletes.

I for one would actually be relieved to know that the problems GSP is stressing over are not concussion related. Professional sports have a long established track record of chewing up and spitting out its athletes, combat sports especially. I am sure we are all starting to see that MMA is not nearly as “safe” as it was sold to be in the mid 2000’s by Dana White and Rich Franklin on talk shows across the country. Sooner or later we will all be confronted with just how true this is, but I doubt any of us are prepared to see the man that made MMA fans out of so many leave the sport as a used up entity.