Considering the magnitude of Anderson Silva’s loss to Chris Weidman, and of course,  how it went down, people continue to scrutinize the fight  in an effort to determine what exactly the legend was and is thinking. Since Silva hasn’t been doing non-stop post fight interviews, the media has been seeking out comments from members of his camp.

In a recent interview with the Brazilian publication, Silva’s jiu-jitsu instructor Andre Galvao, provided some pretty interesting insights into Silva’s mindset before and after the fight. Galvao emphasized (quotes via Mixed Martial the importance of not “underestimating” your opponent, and noted that there was a “lack of humility”. That’s some candid stuff. The renowned grappler also stated:

“On the one hand this defeat was good for him,” said Galvao. “He always won the fights, even when they had everything to lose. So, I think he will take a lesson from it all. When the fight ended, he came to himself. He was relieved to have taken that pressure off his back. But the record took a fall and when he fell, he became very sad and apologized for the whole team.”

“He became a celebrity, everyone knows who he is, had no peace anywhere,” said Galvao. “He was tired. Win or lose, he was considering retiring, but I think this defeat will bring him more motivation to keep fighting.”

It’s pretty interesting to hear, as others have suspected, that Silva was “considering retiring” despite having recently signed a new 10 fight deal. Of course this is according to Galvao. Heading into UFC 162, however, Silva didn’t have much more left to accomplish, other than making a huge chunk of change (and possibly glory) by fighting  Jon Jones at some juncture. Now he’s no longer champ.

Heading into UFC 162, Galvao relayed that Weidman would not be able to “suprise” Silva on the ground. Based off what went down on July 6th, for the relatively small amount of time the fight was on the ground, Galvao was right.