Weep not for the Brazilian with deep jiu-jitsu skills and a high-kick that once took out Mirko Crocop. Gabe Gonzaga had a good run.

According to MMAFighting, barring any six-figure offers, the heavyweight is hanging up the gloves.

Unless a big offer is thrown at his direction, longtime MMA heavyweight Gabriel Gonzaga is retired from mixed martial arts.

A former UFC heavyweight title contender, Gonzaga told MMA Fighting on Wednesday that his plans for the future don’t include competing in MMA anymore. “Napao” fought the last fight of his contract with the UFC in April, losing to Derrick Lewis in Zagreb, Croatia.

“I don’t plan on coming back,” Gonzaga said. “I’m taking care of my new gym, Squared BJJ. If I get an offer, it has to be a great offer, or I’ll keep competing in jiu-jitsu against people my age. I’m probably retired already. I will only fight again if there’s a good offer, financially speaking, and I don’t think any promotion wants me.”