Over the past few months, the Federal Trade Commission has had a fairly public ongoing investigation of Zuffa LLC, UFC and Strikeforce’s owner. The investigation  set out to determine whether or not Zuffa holds a monopoly over the sport of MMA. If they indeed did find the company to be a monopoly, they would most likelybe forced to break apart.

Earlier this week, the FTC announced that the investigation is finally over and has found that Zuffa LLC is not considered a monopoly over the sport. The letter below is to the NYC based law firm Axinn-Veltrop-Harkrider LLP, which has been representing Zuffa since before the investigation.

January 25, 2012
Office of the Secretary
Stephen Axinn, Esq.
Axinn Veltrop, and Harkrider LLP
1330 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20036

Re: Acquisition of Explosion Entertainment, LLC (Strikeforce) by Zuffa, LLC (UFC) FTC File No. 111 0136

Dear Mr. Axinn:

The Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition has been conducting a nonpublic investigation to determine whether Zuffa, LLC’s acquisition of Explosion Entertainment, LLC may violate Section 7 of the Clayton Act or Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act.
Upon further review of this matter, it now appears that no further action is warranted by the Commission at this time. Accordingly, the investigation has been closed. This action is not to be construed as a determination that a violation may not have occurred, just as the pendency of an investigation should not be construed as a determination that a violation has occurred. The Commission reserves the right to take such further action as the public interest may require.

By direction of the Commission.

Donald S. Clark Secretary


Source: The Underground