The Florida State Boxing Commission has just approved the bout for Bobby Lashley VS Jimmy Ambriz for the Strikeforce Miami event. However the match is still not official as neither fighter has signed for it just yet. It may be because Strikeforce is exploring other possible options for Lashley.

I feel it may also be because the fan uproar received once the announcement was made that Jimmy Ambriz was the replacement fighter for the deemed “no challenge” fighter, Yohan Banks, by the FSBC. This has put Strikeforce and the FSBC under some scrutiny.

Strikeforce is showing that they are not a promising promotion due to the fact that they are still unable to find a credible opponent for Lashley, further more making Lashley look more and more like a cheap gimmick when they continually try to pair him up with less than credible fighters.

The FSBC is also in that same boat for calling a up and coming fighter “no challenge” (Yohan Banks) and not allowing him to fight and then to turn around and approve a bout for Ambriz. It may be true that Ambriz has a whole lot more cage time and experience but he has lost a great deal of his last couple of matches, compared to Banks whom is 2-0 in Strikeforce thus far. It just seems a bit inconsistent for whatever their criteria is on approving fighters.

The Strikeforce fan base is not pleased with this entire freak show and many are calling for them to just pull Lashley off the card and move the Riggs VS Hieron bout to the main card. I personally feel the exact same way, Bobby Lashley is a pretty big draw for Strikeforce, but putting him in a cage with such an opponent would not do Lashley or the Strikeforce promotion any justice and would do a lot more harm than good for both.

Consider what would happen if Lashley lost to such a fighter – they definitely would not gain anything with a win for Ambriz, they could not market him as a fan draw, and they would loose any pull they once had with Lashley entirely. It would be the biggest lose – lose situation in MMA.

I still say put Antonio Silva or Mike Kyle – both very credible and if a loss to either of them were to happen, Lashley would not be so tarnished that he would no longer be able to pull in any viewers to the promotions future events, but a loss to Ambriz puts Lashley out of an MMA job in my honest opinion.