Thank the UFC for releasing this classic, free of charge. Brock Lesnar may be retired, but he still is the (unofficial) largest draw the sport has ever known. Re-watching his title loss to Cain Velasquez has reminded us that we once witnessed an incredible specimen in the cage, become the champ in a very short period. Never has it been  done and perhaps may never be done again. If only we could have seen him develop further like many other fighters.

It was a first round technical knockout from the heavy handed current champ Cain Velasquez, which just spelled domination. Brock may have had the superior wrestling, as seen in the start of the fight, but it was his one vulnerability that would lose him his title — his striking. Defensively and offensively. Truly remarkable that he made it to the top of the UFC without the boxing skills that most heavyweights today tout. Either way, the man was a beast and was unfortunately kept from years of competition because of a severe medical condition.