Conor McGregor says he’ll take out Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 196 and add the lightweight crown to his resume, but it sounds like Georges St-Pierre won’t be betting any loonies on that outcome…

Yes, while the brash fighter has predicted he’ll bomb out RDA in under a minute, several observers think that’s a stretch (to put it mildly). In fact, several fighters and industry figures believe McGregor’s remarkable winning streak will come to an end on March 5th.

Recently Freddie Roach spoke to Fight Hub TV, and he was asked for his take on Mr. McGregor. The legendary boxing trainer said the following (quote via Bloody

“Obviously he’s fun to watch. He talks a good game, he backs it up so far, he’s moving up a weight class. I was just with Georges St-Pierre recently, this week, up in Montreal. Georges might be thinking that he maybe shouldn’t be moving up in weight so quickly, because he says it might be a different outcome with the bigger weight class, of course. But, so far he’s proven everyone wrong and he’s knocking everyone out. He’s fun to watch. I like him.”

Now, did GSP want this opinion publicly relayed? Maybe? Maybe not. But even McGregor boosters have to admit it’s a fair question. Yes, McGregor is a big featherweight and yes, he’s fought at lightweight before, but that wasn’t in the UFC. He wasn’t facing galaxy class talent like RDA

St-Pierrre hasn’t said McGregor can’t beat dos Anjos, or at least Roach didn’t report that. But, it’s hard to argue that moving to a division where his size, reach and power won’t play out in the same manner isn’t a risk.

Further, what will the implications be from a business perspective for McGregor if he loses? And loses badly? Will his gate and PPV buys remain the same at 145? Should the Irish star have tried to defend the featherweight belt a few more times, make more stacks, and then move to lightweight?

Of course, this one of the reasons fans have flocked to the McGregor bandwagon. The brashness, the risk taking to make history, it’s all part of the mesmerizing ride.