The saying is third times a charm. With former UFC ‘middleweight’ champ Rich “Ace” Franklin making his return to his original weight class of 185 lbs. against Cung Le at UFC 148, many were quick to ask if he is looking for a third fight against current champ Anderson Silva. While talking with, Franklin explained that he is not really looking forward to fighting his now friend Anderson Silva again. Of course the landscape of the division could change by the time the shot is earned, points out Franklin.

Franklin caps-out the interview talking about the recent outlash by Quinton “Rampage” Jackson during the Fuel TV weigh-ins.

“Flat out. Quinton did not make weight. He missed it by six pounds. All I basically said on the weigh-in show is when someone comes in that over. A- did they take camp seriously, or B- Did they take the weight-cut seriously, or C- did something go wrongĀ  in the camp. Those were the questions I was asking.”