Usually, when a fighter scores his first big impressive win in the Octagon, it’s cause for celebration and a pondering of what their fistic future may bring. But New Jersey-based fighter Frankie Perez doesn’t belong in the “usually” column.

Taking on the once-iron chinned Sam Stout in the UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Oliveira prelims, Perez – a jiu-jitsu specialist by nature – needed just 54 seconds to find a home for his right hand against the Canadian’s jaw. Stout dropped like a sack of potatoes, and the follow-up storm of hammerfists sealed the deal.

And then, with the microphone stuck in his face for a postfight interview, Perez did the unexpected: He announced his retirement. Citing the trials and tribulations the sport puts his family through, Perez said “no mas” – even though it was his first UFC win (and an impressive one at that).

Often, fighters retire when their downward slope of a career signals that their best days are behind them. Rarely does anyone hang up the gloves just two fights into the UFC and coming off a quality win over a name opponent.

I guess Perez is that rare fighter.