During an interview with BJ Penn on 106.7 the fan in Washington D.C. Penn was asked about a possible rematch. Penn said that he has already been talking with the UFC about a rematch within the next two months. Penn:

“The UFC contacted us yesterday, and I think they want to put a rematch together, so I think a rematch is in the works,”

Penn went on to say that Edgar, the UFC, and himself  are all ready for the quick rematch. 

“I think the next three months, four months at the most,” Penn said.

Could this possibly be the fight to make it up to the fans that Dana White was promising at the UFC 112 Post fight interviews? The three to four month range for the UFC would leave a possible Versus 2 free title fight. Alternatively it could also mean a rematch in Boston on August 28th.

Although the fight cards were unanimous in Edgar’s favor, with one judges card even being 45-50, the general consensus showed that most fans felt it was much closer than the cards. This is no surprise, as the UFC has given the former reigning champ a shot to redeem his belt, as we saw in the GSP – Matt Serra rematch. This may be a sad blow to top contenders Kenny Florian, and Gray Maynard, whom may have been expecting the next shot at the belt. This may mean and Florian – Gray fight is in the making also.