With all the drama over Jon Jones and UFC 151, many people started calling the validity of who was truly a fighter. One fighter that you will never have to question heart or intent about is Frankie Edgar. Only two months removed from his five round war with Benson Henderson and he will be fighting another five round title fight, dropping a weight class, and facing a consensus pound for pound fighter. Some may think that would be a hard call to make not that far removed from his last fight, but not for Frankie Edgar.

“This is a great opportunity I’m handed here. It’s something that I didn’t think would happen this quick. It was an easy call on my part. I had fought less than three weeks ago when I got the call. I had an injury-free fight. I felt really good. I was already back in the gym a little bit. It’s an opportunity you can’t let slip. … I’ve always been a fan of Jose Aldo. He’s an exciting fighter to watch. He brings it every fight. One of the best strikers we’ve got in the UFC. I’m pumped for this fight.”

Dana White professed he had a roster full of guys like Chael Sonnen. He may not have the mouth, may have more skill, but Frankie and Chael both have the drive to be a champion. Only time will tell if he can get a belt back around his waste. At least this time the injury of a title contender made a drastically better match than before. Also, kudos to the featherweight champ Aldo for taking the fight on short notice, despite the drastically different styles in his two opponents.