After years of reporters hounding Frankie Edgar about a drop to featherweight he is finally making the drop. It has long been known that Frankie dropped minimal weight to make the cap of 155 for lightweight, but his continued success never made him question his choice to remain at lightweight. Unfortunately for Edgar after losing his last two title fights, Edgar has lost his chance to be the champion of the division for some time. If Diaz beat Benson Henderson for the title, than Edgar may have moved his way back to the title, but that is if Diaz can beat Henderson.

Before the second match with Henderson Edgar was told by Dana White that he could have an instant shot at Jose Aldo, but it doesn’t look like that will be the case now. Edgar wants a fight before the year is out, regardless of who it is against. With Jose Aldo fighting Erik Koch in October Edgar will need at least one win at featherweight before he is able to fight for the title. Edgar could easily take on Chang Sung Jung for number one contender status later this year since there are no true contenders for Aldo’s belt. Chang might already have been promised a title shot so that bout may be unlikely. Another option would Chad Mendes who has had one win since his title shot, or Ricardo Lamas who took out Hatsu Hioki recently.

Whoever Edgar fights should be a top contender, because a match between Aldo and Edgar would garner the biggest attention for featherweight since Uriah Faber left. Aldo has already made comments to defeating Edgar to the point of having him leave the division. The real question is how will Edgar fair at a lower weight class. Edgar may not have the speed advantage that he once had when fighting bigger opponents. Only time will tell if the drop was worth it, but at least it will stop the MMA media from asking Edgar about him dropping down finally.